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Pay Per Click | PPC

Talking about PPC it is indeed one of the most strongest product when it comes to Online Promotion or Google Promotion. Undoubtedly you get the value of every single penny that you pay online to promote your product or Service. With any other way of promoting your Brand Online you can never keep a proper track on how many people actually visited your Site, but with PPC or Google Adwords, you get to know how many people actually hit your Site and you pay exactly for the number of people who actually visited your Page rather than paying for every visibility.
Depending upon the Category, Keywords and the Target Location Pay Per Click differs. We at FAIR CLICK INDIA act as your mentors when it comes to PPC as we guide you with not only the relevant keywords, but also with the required budget and all the look ups make sure that can promote your Page/Site at the highest Ranks on Google searches

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